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Locally grown Microgreens and Sprouts

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Roseville Fountain Farmer's Market

(Fountain Square - near Whole Foods)

Hours: 8:30am - 1:00pm

Auburn Farmer Market

(150 Auburn Folsome Road Auburn, CA)

Hours: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Colfax Farmers Market

on Main St. & School St 

in Downtown Colfax

Hours: 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Special Events 

A few in planning stage

Keep Checking Back 





Choice of:
*Buckwheat   * Sunflower Sprouts   *Pea Shoots


One Place With All the Answers

What differentiates you from other microgreen producers?

Live It Up! microgreens are different than many others becuase they are grown on coconut fiber pads, not in soil. This allows for continued freshness until used in your recipes.

Do all your locations accept the same methods of payment?

Live It Up! is happy to report we do accept debit card and credit card payments via Square service. Also we ENCOURGAGE and DO accept cash.

Do you offer delivery services?

Live It Up! does much of it sales at the local farmer's market. We bring the product to your local area so you dont have to go out of your way to get our products.  Special considerations for delivery can be requested via conversation with the owner/operator. There will be a delivery fee.

How do I care for my Microgreen pad?

The best way to care for your microgreens is to 1) Keep in the box they were purchased in, 2)  Keep the box lid open while in regirgerator, it needs air to thrivel. 3) Every 3 days or so check the paper towel below the pad and insure that it is moist. 4) lift the pad and pour water onto the paper towel (watering on top of the plant wll cause damage to the  microgreen)

Every home and refrigerator temperature is a litle different so please monitor closely. Water and air are needed to keep this product fresh and at optimal level. 

How long will my microgreen last?

Live It Up! has found through experience and talking with customers, most people are saying up to 7 - 10 days.  Careful attention to recommended care tatics will bring about the best results.

Are microgreens safe for animals?

Live It Up! is happy to report that some microgreens are for animal consumption. Some of our customers routinely prepare them and add them to their animal feedings. You are encouraged to research the microgreen you are choosing BEFORE using it in their food, as some are  contraindicated (i.e. onions blends)

How many servings should I get out of a micrgreen pad.

We have found most customers receive about 9 servings out of a standard pad. However, number of servings can vary as each individual is encouraged to determine their desired level of taste and nutritional goals.

Can I preorder to ensure I receive your product?

Yes It is possible to preorder. It must be ordered a day before the market that you wish to attend. Product must be paid via online.

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Newcastle, CA

916 580 7851

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