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What differentiates you from other microgreen producers?

The microgreens are grown on coconut fiber pads. This medium allow the microgreens to remain ALIVE until it is cut, just the amount need for the recipe.  Fresh cut microgreen provide more nutrition and better taste.

What are your methods of payment?

Cash is always accepted.  Debit and credit terminal is available at the stand.

Do you offer delivery services?

Experience has shown the best way for you receive the product is to attend the participating farmer's market. It is best to arrive early as possible as product is ususally sold out by the end of the market.  Some products are grown in limited supply but are reguarly modified upon demand of customore base.

How easy is to care for the microgreen?

Every two days after receiving the product from the market continue this process: wet paper towel, ring out most of the water, place the paper towel beneath the coconut pad, close the lide but do not lock in place. Be sure to leave a little room around the container to allow for air flow.

How long will the microgreen remain edible?

Microgreen are grown on a coconut microfiber pad measuring 4' x 4'. If cared for as directed, most customers are able to get up to two weeks from one pad. This is dependent on about how much the customer cuts each time and how often the customer uses the microgreens.

Just how nutrious are microgreens?

Microgreens provide many minerals and nutrients to youre body. These items are 10 to 40 times more nutritious than other vegetables or even meat. A small clipping of micrgreen is more nutritious than a whole head of broccoli.

Are any pesticides used while growing or mareketing the microgreens?

Short answer NO! All prdocuts are grown in temperature control rooms in trays on large metal racks under special lighting. Once ready for market they are placed in a refrigrator.

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